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About Us

At Turps Wood Design, we know how important gardens and outdoor spaces are to people, therefore we work closely alongside our customers to ensure the products they receive fulfil all their needs. We provide both bespoke and standard products to transform an outdoor space into a beautiful and breathtaking scene.

Our stunning Product Range consists of Outdoor Furniture, Sheds, Small Storage, Planters, Poultry Houses and Runs, Log Stores and Bespoke Projects.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020 in a global pandemic, a hobby became a career.

Our Founder, James Turpin, made his own outdoor wooden table in 2020 during the start of a global pandemic, realised he could sell his creations to the local community and it all started from there.

From an early age, his Father and Grandfather were always creating wooden structures in the presence of him, from there James went to Truro School and Kings College Taunton where he was creating unique products in Design & Technology lessons, then went on to achieve a BA Product Design degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Meet The Team

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